Paladin Points Reward Program




Rewards earnings UPDATE as of June 9th, 2017 - We no longer offer "earning" points on tournament or pre release registrations and also no longer offer bonus points token pulls.

What is the Paladin Rewards card?

The Paladin Rewards card rewards you points for playing in our events and tournaments, purchasing product and other special ways.

You will get 25 Points just for signing up in the program!

What are the requirements for getting a card?

Make a purchase of $2.00 or higher

We require your Name and Telephone number when signing up, we use the telephone number for looking up your card if you happen to forget your card or lose it.

How do I earn points for rewards?

*For each $1.00 (dollar) spent you earn 1 (One) Point -
Points Only awarded for purchases of $2.00 or higher (Does NOT include Sales Tax)
You MUST let the cashier know at the time of purchase that you have a rewards card so points can be added. Its possible we may forget to ask you if you have a card. Points CANNOT be added after the transaction is completed.

*Other special promotions will be added or ran during the year to earn additional points. 

Please note - Points do not represent any specific dollar amount and do not hold any Cash value and points cannot be redeemed for cash.

Paladin Reward Cards can only be used for In Store Purchases and not for send out orders,
HOWEVER, if you order on the website and pick up 
the order In the Store, you may show your card and get your reward points added.

How do I redeem points?

Present your card at the cash register and ask to use points for your purchase. All unused points remain on your card.
Points CANNOT be combined with another persons Points reward card to make purchases.
Points CANNOT be converted to store credit. 

Can I transfer points to another person?

Points CANNOT be transferred to another person.

How do I check to see how many points I have earned?

Scan the QR code on the back of the card with your smart phone, Use the link on the website, or ask a staff member to check your card balance.

How much can I earn with Bonus Points?

Bonus points are a random amount - It could be 4 points, 10 points, 15 points or 25 points

What are the Rewards I can earn with Points?

$5.00 - Towards a single purchase - 

100+ Points

$20.00 - Towards a single purchase -

250+ Points 

$50.00 - Towards a single purchase -

500+ Points 

$125.00 - Towards a single purchase -

1000 Points 


You may use the card by presenting it when making a purchase. This is not a credit/debit card and has no implied warranties. Merchant is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards or any unauthorized card use. Card points are redeemable only for purchases. Unused value remains on card and cannot be redeemed for cash. Points are NON transferrable to any other persons card or account and Cannot be converted to store credit

PLEASE NOTE - We reserve the right to change, modify or discontinue the program at any time for any reason. If the program is canceled for any reason the points will not carry forward.