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Board Games

Disney Codenames


Catan Legend of the Sea Robbers

Betrayal at Baldurs Gate Board Game

Legend of the Five Rings LCG

Cities of Spendor - Expansion for Splendor

CCG - Collectible Card Games

Pokemon Charizard GX Premium Collection

Cardfight Vanguard Dragon Kings Awakening

YuGiOh Code of the Duelst Special Edition

YuGiOh Legendary Dragon Decks

Pokemon Shining Legends Pin Pack - Mewtwo

Pokemon Shining Legends Pin Pack - Pikachu

Pokemon Shining Legends Elite Trainer

RPG - Books and Miniatures

DD Nolzurs Minis - Wraith & Specter, Pillars, Treasure Piles, Human Male Paladin, Dwarf Female Paladin, Human Male Druid

Pathfinder Deep Cut Minis - Gnolls, Merchants, Half Orc Barbarian 


Blackberry color Ultra Pro Deck Box


Dragon Ball Super Set 1 - Boosters

Dragon Ball Super - Set 1 - Special Packs

Dragon Ball Super Set 1 - Starter Decks


Selling Cards to the Store FAQ

*BUYLIST - Selling Items to the store Click the button at the top of the front webpage that says BUYLIST

We prefer that you put in a Buylist through the website and wait for approval.

If you bring cards to sell at the counter without putting in a buylist we will NOT take more than 5 cards per day and you may receive a lesser amount to cover the additional time for processing to process the items.

If you have a Large collection please contact us first and we will arrange an appointment to look at your items.

Priority accceptance and purchase of cards are given to those that put a list through the website, and are on a first come first served basis and may take up to 24 to 72 hours for processing.

We reserve the right to modify the amounts of items and pricing based on our needs at ANY time before approval and after receiving the list.
All cards not approved will be sent back or returned. 

Pricing may change based on fluctuations in the market and we reserve to the right to change any pricing at any time.


Store credit and Cash amount comparisons will show in your cart.

All items MUST be in NM to MINT condition to receive the prices shown.
If they are not NM to MINT the cards may be sent back or returned to you and an amount deducted from the total given to cover shipping costs. 
Cards will also be GRADED which means you will receive Less for the card if it is not Near Mint NM or above.

All items MUST be the specific set shown.
Check the pictures and/or items numbers to be sure they are the correct cards we want.

Please sort items when sending in or bringing in your order based on the confirmation email of the list. Which will be by set, and alphabetical.
Please include printed list with your package and double check your list before bringing or sending in your buylist. We are not responsible for missing cards from your list.
If your buylist items are unsorted according to the printed list, we will reduce amount paid to you by $5.00 - $20.00 dependent on size of order.

Important - Cards must be UNSLEEVED - you can use clean clear storage sleeves to protect higher dollar cards or foil cards

Before sending us the items or bringing items to the store please wait for email confirmation from us that your Sell to Us order has been Approved.
This is not the same email as when you first submit your list. A seperate email will come asking you to bring the cards we want to the store or ship them.
PLEASE NOTE - Approval may take 24 to 72 hours to approve. DON'T bring the cards until approval email is received.

We need to receive the items within 48 Hours or 10 business days if you are mailing in the items, from the point that your list has been APPROVED via the confirmation email.
If not we will cancel the buy order and delete it.
After receiving your buylist it may take up to 24 to 72 hours to grade and check your list.

If you are mailing in your order, Please package Mail IN orders securely as you are responsible for receipt of items to us.
We recommend that you purchase delivery confirmation and insurance. We are NOT responsible for lost orders via postal service.

Please ship or bring Buylist Cards to

Paladins Game Castle
6225 District Blvd #301
Bakersfield, CA 93313

Purchasing Items on the Website FAQ

When purchasing Single cards on the website.

If you have paid for the items online we will notify you when the order is ready for pickup via email

If you have NOT paid for the items you will have 24 hours to pick up and pay for the items purchased otherwise they are put back on the shelf.

For single card orders please allow us up to 24 hours to pull and pack the order.

We no longer allow purchasing of Sealed boxed product on the website.

Please come to the store to purchase items and see inventory

Special Events coming up!

YuGiOh Sneak Preview Circuit Breaker - Oct 14th
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Pokemon PRE Release Crimson Invasion - Oct 28th
Bakersfield Comic Con - Nov 18th - 19th
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