Store Policies and Rules

Rules of Conduct for ANY of our Events and Store Policies


Please do NOT park in front of any of the Roll up doors in the whole complex.

Attendee Conduct

All attendees are expected to abide by the rules of the store or tournament site, as well as any directions given by the Tournament or Store Staff and/or the tournament site, and of course, by federal, state, and local laws. If you have an issue with anyone at the event contact a judge or staff member prior to escalating the issue.

Disruptive behavior of ANY type including foul language or abusive behavior will not be TOLERATED.

Please keep noise to a minimum since we do not want to disturb other Tenants or guests of the tournament site or venue.

Lost or Damaged Materials

PGC Games (Paladins Game Castle), assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged items or possessions.

The Store office or tournament staff will maintain a lost and found department. If you find or lose any items, please notify store staff immediately. Property found on the store or tournament site will be returned to the owner if possible, with non-returnable items becoming the property of PGC Games (Paladin)

PGC Games (Paladin) strongly encourages you to leave nothing unattended.

Smoking and Alcohol

This is a Alcohol and Smoke Free store and event site. There will be no smoking allowed in any store area.

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas and at the minimum 20 feet from any entrance. Staff will strictly enforce this, and offenders may be asked to leave. 

Please do not throw cigarette butts in the planters or in the parking lot, please use the bucket provided.

Vaporizers are NOT allowed - per California Law they are considered a tobacco item and cannot be used in any public building or within 20 feet of the front door.

Alcohol consumption is not allowed in the gaming area or anywhere in the Parking Area

We request that you be discrete and adhere to the stated policy. Drunk and unruly behavior will not be tolerated. Offenders will be escorted from the venue.


Receptacles have been provided for your use. Please use them. Do not leave trash on the tables or floors


We welcome and encourage spectators at all events! But please remember event hosts and players are trying to enjoy and finish their games, and this is more easily done if interruptions are kept to a minimum. At Competitive REL events, spectators will not be allowed to stand near the tournament tables.

A Note To Parents & Guardians

Attendance at a PGC Games (Paladin) events are among the safest activities imaginable. But we remind parents and guardians that the safety of their children is solely the parent or guardians responsibility. All children 14 and younger MUST have an adult guardian with them at all times. It is ALWAYS the Parent or Guardians responsibility for the conduct and welfare of their child.

Parents and/or Guardians are responsible for the supervision of all minors, as well as for their behavior at the convention site or store. Therefore, please make certain that minors are supervised by an adult companion at all times, especially during nighttime hours - and that they are playing in a scheduled event if not they must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

No one under 18 will be allowed on the site after 10:00pm with out an adult over 18 directly responsible for them.

So please, properly supervise minors.

Buying - Selling - Trading Policy - you may trade items but you may NOT....

  • Buy, sell, solicit, or advertise to buy or sell cards or ANY items in the building OR in the Parking Lot to anyone other than Paladins Game Castle staff.
    This INCLUDES negotiating or discussing or talking about cash deals of any kind - this is considered advertising.
  • Altering cards in exchange for money or any other types of compensation.
  • Taking up excessive space while trading or transporting excessive amounts of trade stock.
  • Advertising of ANY kind without permission from Paladins Game Castle / PGC Games and Events.


ONLY authorized vendors are allowed to buy and sell ANYTHING at our store. If you are found selling or negotiating cash transaction at our venue you will be asked to leave and will be banned from all further events at the store.

This includes all advertising or promotion of events outside the store or products including the handing out of flyers etc. unless authorized by the event staff.
Please check with the store staff for authorization.

No SEALED Game product of any kind is allowed on the premises unless purchased from the store.
Otherwise, you can't buy something from another location and bring it into the store to open.

 Violation of this rule could result in a permanent ban from the store