Gameroom Rules

The game room is only open during specific times and sometimes by reservation please see store schedule or speak to a staff member.


  • Players at all times will please conduct themselves in a sportsman like fashion.

  • Remember that sometimes you Win and sometimes you lose, doing so graciously will earn you respect from your fellow gamers.

  • Please help those who are less knowledgeable, unskilled or seeking advice. This will gain you respect, and more gamers to test your skills.

  • Please stop yourself and others from taking what is not theirs and what they did not earn or purchase.

  • Loud noises, abusive language, profanity, or conversations not acceptable in normal social situations will not be tolerated, you will be removed from the venue.

  • Please clean up your trash and put in the trash cans.

  • Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in the facility. There is a smoking receptacle outside, smoking must be at least 20 + feet away from the front door.

  • Any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be escorted from the facility.

  • Any criminal activity will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Paladins Game Castle reserves the right to remove any player during the course of events for any activity deemed unacceptable such as aggressive or abusive behavior to other players,  judges, volunteers or staff. This includes excessive noise, sexual harassment or anti social behavior.

  • No unpurchased retail product will be allowed in the event area and all gaming materials and containers such as book, bags, boxes, etc. may be inspected by store personnel.

  • Sealed Unopened product not purchased in the store and purchased elsewhere cannot be brought into the store. This is highly rude and disrepectful.

  • All entry and exit from Paladins Game Castle will be from the front door only. Do not use the back door.

  • Please respect your fellow gamers and others by bathing, taking showers or using deodorants before coming to the shop.

  • Trading of cards, and figures is allowed however.....

Selling of any product on store premises is strictly not allowed, this includes sealed product, single figures, individual cards
ANY negotiation of CASH deals will not be allowed in the store.
Example: Lets say that I have a loaf of bread and walk into Von's grocery, and offer to sell the bread to a shopper in the store for cash
I tell the shopper to meet me in the parking lot or some other location to finalize the cash deal.
This is still selling in the store.

Please clean up your area when you are done playing. Failure to do this will negate future use of the gaming room