Friday Night Magic Bakersfield CA

 Friday Night Magic Information Page


6225 District Blvd #301
Bakersfield, CA 93313
Pull into
Stockdale Tiles
parking lot!
We are in the back of the complex! 






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June Promo

Check store calendar for changes or updates


Friday Night Magic is a NON Competitive format where you bring your own deck
within some guidelines for the format (See Below)

Friday Night Magic is designed as a casual play event and a starting point
to learn the rules and meet other Magic players!
We encourage players at FNM to help out new players and show them the ropes!
(And you may be rewarded if we see you doing this)
Friday Night Magic is a great place to try out new decks and have fun and maybe win some cool prizes!

Standard Format and Modern Format
Click on each format to see what is required


Registration 6:00pm - Start Time - 6:30pm

 Entry fee - $5.00

Swiss Pairings - 4 rounds standings -
You can play in all rounds whether you win or lose!

Prizes - If you win a match you get a pack! Thats 4 chances to win!
Bring up your match slip after you play and if you are the winner we will give you a pack!

Top 4 players will receive the Friday Night Magic PROMO
If you do NOT win any matches you will also get at Promo!

Please NOTE: Modern Event prizing may differ as we understand
that giving out Standard Booster packs may not be appealing to

Modern Format players
Store Credit can be substituted for Modern Players only at $4.00 per booster pack