FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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*Purchasing Cards or other items via website


*Store Credit via Cash info


*(IN STOCK) What does this mean?

*Purchasing Cards or other items via website

Please Note: All In store pickup orders - when placing your order Choose option in shipping for In Store Pickup.
If you would like to pay for your order in the store choose Pay in Store and you can pay in the store with cash or credit card.
(No checks accepted)
Please give us 
24 hours to pack the order.
VERY IMPORTANT - You will receive a confirmation that your order is ready
before you should come to pick it up.
If you do not receive a message to pick up your order, contact us!

Once you have received notice that your order is ready for pickup
you must pickup the order within 48 hours AFTER our 24 hour packing time or the order will be cancelled and placed back in inventory UNLESS you have already paid online.
If you pay in FULL when you place the order it will be held for you for 1 week.
After the 1 week period if the order has not been picked up the order will be cancelled and you will receive a credit back on your account.

All orders to be shipped will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours if items are in stock.



The wishlist alerts you to when a card comes back into stock. It is NOT a guarantee of price as prices change frequently, and NOT a guarantee you will receive the card.
Wishlists are global, this means that everyone who has this card on their wishlist will get notified by email when the card or item comes back into stock.
You will need to purchase right away when you get the notification, if not it may be purchased by another customer who had the item on their wishlist.
If you missed purchasing the item, you will need to Wishlist it again to have it marked as a wishlist item.
You can view the items you have on your Wishlist by logging into your account.

*Store Credit vs. CASH

Store Credit is our preferred method of payment on items when we purchase items. You receive 40% more value when using store credit.
Our cash amounts for buys are budgeted and may fluctuate from week to week so approval of lists may take longer than store credit lists.

Once you have chosen store credit for payment and has been posted you may not convert your store credit amount to cash.


When will my pre-order ship?

All pre-orders should ship out within 2 days of the release date.
Please note this date could be affected by manufacturers changing release dates, shipment issues from the distributor warehouse etc.
We ship pre-orders beginning on release day and strive to have them out as soon as possible, but due to supply issues beyond our control (when we receive the product, packaging times, etc.) this could change.
Pre-orders are shipped out in the order that we received them and all shipping confirmations will be sent when the item goes out.

Can I add to my pre-order?

Once a pre-order is placed, we cannot add items to that particular order.
If you wish to purchase additional preorder items, please place a second order and email us to request that the orders be combined.
If you wish to subtract items from a pre-order, please email 
us and we will attempt to accomodate your request to the best of our ability.
We reserve the right to charge a 10% cancellation fee on all pre-order items you wish to subtract. 

 Can you send sealed product internationally?

It depends on each individual manufacturer.
Wizards of the Coast ie (Magic the Gathering) policy does not allow the shipment of ANY in print sealed Magic product internationally.
 If you place an order that includes sealed product for shipment internationally, you will be refunded for those items only.

 Can I cancel a pre-order?

 You may cancel any pre-order up to 2 days before the release. A 10% cancellation fee will apply, but only for pre-ordered items.

 When will  you charge for pre-order items?

 You must pay for all preorders when you place the order.

*(IN STOCK), What does this mean?

You will note two options when ordering on certain products

*IN STOCK - Means the item Should be on the shelf at the shop available for pickup or shipping immediately, errors can occur we will notify you after ordering.